Broker Belt login page

“With BrokerBelt, Policy Online recovered over 2000 MISSING commissions on our most recent 2016 open enrollment season. By Using the Robust commission and accounting reporting it was so easy to discover the main issues were and learn why the policies were missing”. – Rocco Solorzano, Division President , Policy Online 


Manage Your Clients

  • The The Broker Belt Platform will give you the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Easy to read widgets with important upfront information.
  • A clear dashboard of Client, Policy and Commissions.
  • Clean Modern Display with 9 variable color choices .

Orchestrate IT Services

  • Empower IT with a single, integrated platform for governing and managing your hybrid IT environments
  • Enforce compliance and reduce risk with centralized credential management
  • Govern cloud spend and usage with innovative budget automation and role based access controls
  • Simplify IT administration with REST-based API architecture for Cloud and IT tool integration

Control Cloud Spend

  • A single integrated cloud management platform to enforce and alert on cloud usage and spend in real-time
  • Improve budgeting and user accountability with cost projections, notifications, and aggregated reporting
  • Auto-enforce spend by user, group and project using workflow and budget notification
  • Reduce overhead associated with decrypting your cloud bills with homogeneous tagging


With Our Cloud based services its easy to access your client information anywhere.

  • VOIP telephone services built in and no downloads needed.
  • All Calls in and our recorded and easily accessible on demand per client.
  • Contact your clients through SMS Text right form the dashboard.
  • Email template all pre-configured to easily send your clients B-Days cards and reminders.

Save time with Email Templates

Seriously!!! Do you only contact your clients when you want to sell them a policy? With our Birthday tool you will be alerted daily of your clients birthdays.

  • Send them a pre designed birthday card in a few clicks
  • Remember Its all about relationship